Board Members

Claes Lindqvist, 1950, Chairman of the Board since 2008
Board Member of Trelleborg AB, Dunkers Foundation, Novotek AB, Connect Skåne among others. Previous positions include a variety of senior positions at ASEA, Åkerlund & Rausing and President and Chief Executive Officer at Höganäs AB and Öresundskraft AB. As from 2009-01-01 Lindqvist acts as Executive Director of the Dunkers Fundation. Graduate in business administration, M.Sc. Eng. Lindqvist brings industrial competence to DHF.

Andreas Delhusen, 1963, Co-Founder, President and CEO since 2003.
Solid background in aviation and international sales and marketing. Trained Flight Captain with university studies and more than 10 years as a pilot followed by another 10 years of international sales of aircraft gate support equipment, airport IT solutions for air traffic control and airport ground handling. Previous to founding DHF Airport Systems he held the position as sales manager of FMT Aircraft Gate Support Equipment AB.

Svein Helgesen, 1962, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering since 2003, Vice President since 2008. More than 20 years engineering experience including 12 years with the development of advanced software solutions focusing on resource management and optimization systems. Since 1995 active as President and CEO of the software company Pro Curis AB. Holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. Helgesen brings extensive experience of software development, sales and project management to DHF

Per-Göran Persson, 1941, Board Member since 2003
Extensive business background. One example is a long assignment as President and CEO of Entreprenad AB – a major Swedish contractor. Board assignments within the Entreprenad AB Group of companies, and other companies and business organisations. Persson is currently active as Chairman of  DHF partner company Pro Curis AB and Itesco. Per-Göran Persson brings industrial competence to DHF.

Fred Helgesen, 1955, Board Member since 2010
Medical doctor specialized in urological surgery and general surgery. Doctor Helgesen has participated in a number of international medical research projects resulting in several articles in world leading medical publications. Active as President an CEO in Prostata Scandinavia AB, a private practise for urological surgery that he founded in 1999.

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