DHF Airport Fault Detection System – AFDS

The world’s most efficient software system for centralized monitoring and alarm analysis in critical airport systems and processes.

At international airports crucial operations and processes are handled by a multitude of different manufacturers of airport systems. Today’s airport OEM’s have separate inefficient approaches to fault detection which are not mutually compatible. 

DHF Airport Fault Detection System AFDS provides independent centralized monitoring, fault detection, alarm analysis and repair protocol able to work in conjunction with any OEM’s systems. AFDS is the only software system on the market able to detect 100 % of any root faults that can possibly occur and separate them from the consequence faults.

The AFDS can be connected to the majority of critical airport systems and processes.

Different AFDS systems can be implemented individually or in combination.

Major benefits:
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Cost savings
Examples of additional benefits:
  • More effective diagnosis and repair process
  • Increased process understanding
  • Increased safety
  • Fast implementation
  • Easily customized user interface
  • ROI within 12-18 months
The links to the left are examples of AFDS application areas.

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