Key People

Andreas Delhusen, 1963, Co-Founder, President and CEO since 2003.
Solid background in aviation and international sales and marketing. Trained Flight Captain with university studies and more than 10 years as a pilot followed by another 10 years of international sales of aircraft gate support equipment, airport IT solutions for air traffic control and airport ground handling. Previous to founding DHF Airport Systems he held the position as sales manager of FMT Aircraft Gate Support Equipment AB.

Svein Helgesen, 1962, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering since 2003, Vice President since 2008. More than 20 years engineering experience including 12 years with the development of advanced software solutions focusing on resource management and optimization systems. Since 1995 active as President and CEO of the software company Pro Curis AB. Holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. Helgesen brings extensive experience of software development, sales and project management to DHF

Eva Helgesen, Financial Controller since 2003
Eva Helgesen, 1963, brings twelve years of software industry and entrepreneurial experience to DHF. In 1987, Mrs. Helgesen joined Index, a storage venture, which was acquired by Ericsson in 1994. Mrs. Helgesen has been acting as financial controller in several other software companies. Her major areas of responsibility have been customer services, communication and logistics. She holds a M.Sc. in Business Analysis at Lund University, Sweden.

Jan Eric Larsson, Scientific Advisor since 2004
Born in 1959, professor in Information Technology at Lund University, Sweden. President and founder of DHF partner company GoalArt. His research is focused on applied artificial intelligence and multilevel flow modeling (MFM). One of the main developers of MFM at Stanford University, California and at Lund University. Board member of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS).

LeRoy Valdok, President DHF North America since 2004
LeRoy Valdok, 1961, has an extensive background in accounting and financial services. He also has several years of executive experience in the airline courier industry, managing offices in London, Dubai and New York. Valdok holds degrees in Administration and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.

Ricky Dhillon, Area Manager, India since 2011
Ricky Dhillon, 1986, has a background in international business and sales. He has experience from various industries and previous positions include Swedish Trade Council (New Delhi), PwC Financial Services (Amsterdam) and EFG Bank (Stockholm). Dhillon holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics.

Henrik Gjerstad, Technical Editor since 2004, Key Account Manager since 2008. Henrik Gjerstad, 1962, has more than twenty years experience of sales and commercial translation including four years within the international airport community. In addition to managing Key Accounts he is in charge of DHF’s technical and commercial documentation. Gjerstad holds an M.A. in English from Lund University, Sweden.

Roger Johansson, Software Developer since 2003
Roger Johansson, 1972, has long experience of advanced software development as chief designer with DHF partner company Pro Curis AB. Johansson is specialized in the development of systems for resource optimization and planning systems and is in charge of the development of the DHF Resource Management Program. Johansson is an electrical engineer.

Anders Altmark, Graphical Designer since 2003
Anders Altmark, 1962, is a professional in graphical design, animations and as an editor. Example of work is advanced animations in connection with the construction of the Oresound bridge (connecting Copenhagen with Malmo). He also has a background as division manager of LaserCad AB. Altmark holds a degree in graphical design.

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