DHF Resource Management System

The DHF Resorce Management System is a system that provides airport operations, airlines and ground handling agents with a flexible high performance tool for planning and allocation of airport resources.

The system is a configurable, generic system. It consists of two modules, the Planning and the Allocation modules. The DHF Planning component is responsible for the long, medium and short term planning taking into consideration the requirements of an individual airport.

The Allocation component handles the optimized real time allocation of airport resources throughout the day of operation.

Modular software architecture guarantees a simple adoption to various airport layouts and allows the integration to other systems.

Major Benefits:
  • Increased airport capacity
  • Costs savings
 Examples of additional benefits: 
  • Efficient utilization of airport recourses 
  • By optimization of airport recourses the airport can handle more traffic
  • Optimized planning quality
  • Strategic tool to identify early implication of changes in flight schedule and airport resources    
  • Better service to passengers, ground handling and airline companies
  • Reduced risk of human errors
  • Qualified decisions based on optimized suggestions
  • Customized to individual airport requirements 
The links on the left hand side to the modules are integral parts of the DHF Resource Management System for planning and allocation of resources.

It is possible to extend the system with other functionalities and resources.

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